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Playing Range: Age 25 – 35
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/Amber
Place of residence: Zagreb, Croatia

Languages: Croatian (Native), English (Fluent), Serbian (Fluent), Bosnian (Fluent), Italian (Basic), Spanish (Basic).

Additional Talents/Skills: experimental dance, dance on silk, horse riding, swimming, driving license, working also as a director’s assistant.


Iskra Jirsak is a Croatian stage and film actress. She was born in 1987 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. She graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb in 2011. Iskra has already gathered extensive experience of working on the stage since her early age and for cinema and television during her studies.

Her first TV experience was in 2010. in TV series “Najbolje godine” (”The best years”) as Marta Elezović.

She began her film career with a role in Tomislav Radić’s feature film “Kotlovina” as Danijela, which premiered at the Pula Film Festival in 2011 and won 6 awards.

In the same year she was cast in the lead role of Lana Iveković in Aldo Tardozzi’s feature debut “Spots” which was filmed in march and premiered at the Pula Film Festival in 2011. The film won special film award ‘Rising star’ on Canada International Film Festival and an award from the jury “Europe out of Europe” on Serbian International Film Festival, FEST.

With the play “Sutra (ni)je novi dan” (”Tomorow is(not) a new day”) directed by Ivica Boban, she won the best actress award on the Mostar Theatre Festival, Mostarska Liska, and also on the International festival ZAPLET05 in Banja Luka.

Since then Iskra enrolled in various TV, film and theatre productions and currently is, after the shooting of TV series called “Tajne” (”Secrets”), working on a new play.


downarrowCINEMA / TV


  • Short film “THE BURDAIN“, Director: Zoran Pribičević (Role: Katarina), Production: ZIA


  • Feature film “FUCK OFF I LOVE YOU“, Director: Jurkas, (Role: Ana), Production: Zia, RATIO d.o.o, D.O.P production
  • Feature film “SARAJEVO SONGS OF WOE” (year of production: 2016), Director: Fred Kelemen, (Role: Handicapped woman), Production: Kino Kombat, Filmmanufactur: Fred Kelemen, Obala Art Centar, Talents Sarajevo 2014 & 2015


  • Feature film “ON THE OTHER SIDE”, Director: Zrinko Ogresta, (Role: Marija), Production: 2015Interfilm
  • Feature film “BECAUSE OF YOU”, Director: S/T, (Role: Tanja), Production: B production
  • Commercial for Magnesium, Natural Wealth


  • Music video “MAYBE NEVER”, Gonzo band, Director: Luka Vucić
  • TV series “SECRETS”, Main cast, (Role: Nena), Production: Fremantle media, RTL


  • TV series “SECRETS”, Main cast (Role: Nena), Production: Fremantle media, RTL
  • Commercial for Magnesium, Natural Wealth


  • Feature film “SVINJARI”, Director: Ivan Livaković, (Role: Iskra), Production: Fos film d.o.o
  • TV series “REST IN PEACE”, Director: Kristijan Milić, (Role: Iva), Production: Ring multimedija


  • Feature film “SPOTS”, Director: Aldo Tardozzi, Main role: Lana, Production: Kinoteka


  • Short film “ROOM 3”, Director: Kristijan Milić, (Role: Ana), Production: Eurofilm d.o.o.
  • TV series “THE BEST YEARS”, Main cast (Role: Marta), Production: Nov@ TV
  • Short film “ZOORGAZAM”, Director: Dario Lonjak, (Role: Ana), Production: ADU


  • Feature film “KOTLOVINA”, Director: Tomislav Radić, (Role: Danijela), Production: Korugva d.o.o


  • Short film “THAT LITTLE HAND OF YOURS”, Director: Sara Hribar, (Role: killer), Production: Kult film



  • Theatre play “HOW TO KILL A SPOUSE WITHOUT MUCH BECAUSE“, Director: Boris Kovačević, Role: Wife, Production: KNAP Theatre
  • Theatre play “THE LITTLE PRINCE“, Director: Mario Kovač, Roles: Rose, Fox, Snake, Production: Children’s theatre Dubrava


  • Theatre play “TERROR OF TOLERANCE“, Director: Miran Kurspahić, Roles: party president, Brigitt Bardot, Production: Coproduction of Theatre &TD. (Culture of change, SC), Zagreb and KUFER Theatre
  • Theatre play “STRIBOR’S WOOD” by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, Director: Mario Kovač, (Role: Snake), Theatre for Children Dubrava


  • Theatre play “ANNOYANCE”, Director: Stojan Matavulj, (Role: Anita Wells), Scena Gorica


  • Theatre play “YOU’VE GOT HATE MAIL” by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore, Director: Dario Harjaček, (Role: Wanda), Ludens theatre
  • Theatre play “GRIMMIX” by Ljubomir Kerekeš, Director: Ljubomir Kerekeš, (Role: Little Red Riding Hood), Kerekesh theatre
  • Theatre play “THE FLOOD” by Miran Kurspahić, Director: Miran Kurspahić, (Role: Lea), Theatre ITD
  • Theatre play “THISCASTING”, project by Miran Kurspahić and actors, Director: Miran Kurspahić, (Role: Iskra), Theatre Rugantino


  • Theatre play “TOMOROW IS(N’T) A NEW DAY”, Director: Ivica Boban, (Roles: Slavica, Vanessa), Theatre Exit


  • Theatre play “CRUMBS FROM THE LIVING ROOM” by Sanja Pilić, Director: Franka Perković, (Role: Morana), Theatre Žar Ptica
  • Theatre play “SECRETS OF THE ENCHANTED FOREST” by Zvjezdana Ladika, Director: Ivica Šimić, (Role: Dana), Theatre Mala Scena


  • Theatre play “JASNO KO’ PEKMEZ” by Alan Alexander Milne, Director: Damir Munitić, (Role: Rabbit), Theatre Trešnja


  • Theatre play “VOICES FROM THE MOUNTAIN” by Zoranić/Držić, Director: Rene Medvešek, (Role: Fairy),
    Theatre ZKM and Dubrovnik summer games


  • STORY SUPER NOVA MULTI TALENT SHOW” (Croatian Talent Show), Finalist




  • Croatian National Award for The Best Young Actress Under Age 28 (”THISCASTING” and “THE FLOOD”, november 2014)
  • Best Actress Award; Mostar Theatre Festival, Mostarska Liska (”TOMOROW IS(N’T) A NEW DAY”, may 2013)
  • Best Actress Award; International festival ZAPLET05 in Banja Luka. (“TOMOROW IS(N’T) A NEW DAY”, october 2013)
  • Movie ‘SPOTS’ won special film award “Rising Star” on Canada International Film Festival and an award from the jury “Europe out of Europe” on Serbian International Film Festival, FEST. (2012)
  • Movie “KOTLOVINA” won the Big Golden Arena for the best movie; National competition, Pula Film Festival (2011)
  • Short Film “ZOORGAZAM” won the “Golden Chainsaw” for the best sci-fi movie on the Trash Film Festival (2010)


 Theatre Guest Performances

  • “THE FLOOD”, Festival of Croatian Drama “Marulićevi dani” ( Split, 2015)
  • “THISCASTING”, Mostar Theatre Festival, “Mostarska Liska” (Mostar, 2015)
  • “TOMOROW IS(N’T) A NEW DAY”, Festival of Independent Theatre; FEN, Opatija, Theatre Festival; VIRKAS, Virovitica, Croatian Festival of Laughter; Varaždin (2015)
  • “THISCASTING” International Theatre Festival in Bjelovar, “BOK FEST”, Festival of Independent Theatre; FEN, Opatija, Montenegro International Theatre Festival; HAPS, Theatre Festival “Dani Satire Fadila Hađića” (2014)
  • “TOMOROW IS(N’T) A NEW DAY”, International festival ZAPLET05 in Banja Luka, Theatre Festival “Dani Satire Fadila Hađića”, Mostar Theatre Festival, “Mostarska Liska” (2013)

Film Festivals

  • “SPOTS”, ARRAS Film Festival, France, Canada International Film Festival, New York City International Film Festival, FEST (2012) Pula Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival (2011)
  • “KOTLOVINA” Pula Film Festival (2011)
  • “THAT LITTLE HAND OF YOURS”, Mediterranean film festival Split, Short Mediterranean film festival Tangier; Maroko (2011), Croatian Film Days (2010)



  • Acting Workshop with Leon Lucev, Melissa Leo, Sarajevo Talents (2014)
  • Preformers Workshop with Jan Fabre, Zagreb, Croatia (2012)
  • The Michael Chekhov Technique in Practice, Body-imagination-emotion, Groznjan, Croatia (2010)
  • Academy of Dramatic Arts – University of Zagreb/Croatia – BA; MA degrees (2006/2011)
  • Drama Class at the Theatre for Children Dubrava (1996/2006)



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